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Game Super Hunchback

Game Boy
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DeveloperOcean Software Ltd.
PublisherOcean Software Ltd.
Release Date1992
PlatformGame Boy


Quasimodo straps on his trusty hump one last time to rescue his paramour, the perpetually-imperiled Esmeralda, this time captured by a new villain, the horrible Halfenpounder. You must run, jump, and eat fruit (can malnutrition cause a hunched back? Can nutrition reverse it?) through a varied series of platform environments, jumping over (and atop) rolling logs that will briefly daze you if you mistime your jump and spiked pits that will, well, skewer you as surely as in the original, swinging on ropes, and signaling the end of each level by ringing an enormous bell there specifically for that purpose. Since our pal Quasi is from Paris, not Krypton, and doesn't grow large eating mushrooms, one must conclude that it is the amusing idle animations and hidden bonus stages that lend the "Super" prefix to this game.

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