Super Hydlide

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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DeveloperSeismic Software
PublisherAsmik - T&E Soft
Release Date1989
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


A long time ago, evil descended upon the peaceful people of Hydlide. Old legends tell of a lone brave hero who saved Hydlide from the imminent threat of doom - the evil demon Varalys. Since then, the people of Hydlide have lived through centuries of peace. But one dark evening, a huge column of fire exploded out of the depths of Hydlide. The next morning, strange doors began to appear from nowhere. Many who were curious entered these doors, but were never seen again. From that day on, unusual events and disasters began to take place. Huge cracks opened in the ground, scarring the beautiful lands, floods wiped out entire villages. And then the monsters came. The Hydlide council feared that the same evil in the legends was back again. A wise old oracle predicted the second coming of evil. He also spoke of a young man who could save Hydlide from the grave danger. This young man is you... Super Hydlide continues the tradition of action RPGs started with the original Hydlide for NES. You can choose to play as one of the four character classes: Warrior, Thief, Priest, and Monk. In combat, you use melee or long-ranged weapons or cast magic spells in real time. There is an internal clock in the game that makes it necessary for you to sleep periodically to regain your strength. You also have to eat from time to time, otherwise your hit points will gradually decrease.

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