Super Mario Bros. 2

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1988
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


One night Mario has a strange dream, where he opens a door to another world filled with even stranger creatures and lands then those in his last adventure against Bowser. Amazingly, the next day, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the Princess stumble upon a cave, which leads to the world that was in Mario's dream. Subcon, the land of dreams, is under an evil spell thanks to Wart, so Mario and the gang must save the day. New creatures to defeat and plenty of nasty surprises await. Choose from the four characters, each differing in speed and jumping ability, and head on through 7 levels each filled with puzzles, bosses, bonus money, the always helpful mushroom, and invincible star, plus bombs and magic potions. After each level, depending on the coins you collect, you can use them in the bonus game to collect extra lives.

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Classic JumperMaking Birdo See StarsSuperstar vs. BirdoLevel MasterInvincibleMushroom PowerSlot WinnerOne Up Over The Competition 1One Up Over The Competition 2One Up Over The Competition 3One Up Over The Competition 4One Up Over The Competition 5One Up Over The Competition 6Shortcut To The Frosty IceShortcut To The NightShortcut To The SandsShortcut To The CloudsTime FreezerFlamer OnlyFire BowHe or She?Full Body PullFloaterHigh JumperFryin' the IceWorld 7World 6World 5World 4World 3 Mushroom CollectorLuigi MasterWorld MasterWorld 4 Mushroom CollectorWorld 3Explosive MouseWorld 2Triple ThreatWorld 2 Mushroom CollectorWorld 5 Mushroom CollectorWorld 1World 6 Mushroom CollectorWorld 7 Mushroom CollectorWorld 1 Mushroom CollectorFrog LegsCrab MeatPrincess Toadstool MasterMario MasterToad MasterDream TeamDream Master

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