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DeveloperSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
PublisherSEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Release Date1991
PlatformGame Boy


One evening, Taz's father is telling an intriguing tale. Somewhere on Tazmania is a Lost Valley, and in that valley nests a huge seabird, so huge that one of it's eggs could feed a family for a year! Just think of the omelette one of those could make!

Thus Taz becomes fascinated and leaves in search of one of those eggs before his Dad has even finished the story...

Taz can Jump, perform a Spinning Jump and a Spin Attack. Munch roast chickens to replenish life. Gain extra points by moving quickly through the levels - there are six stages and each stage has two rounds.

There are a few other items and pickups such as:

Spring: boings Taz up to high ledges.

Blocks: destructible.

1-UP: extra life.

Star: invulnerability. Unless you run into a bomb.

Bomb: does what it says on the tin.

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