Tenchi o Kurau

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


A role-playing game for the NES set within the Romance of the Three Kingdoms mythos that has spawned games on nearly every platform imaginable. A party is formed by selecting up to five officers from a huge pool, many of whom would only join you after be bribed or defeated in combat. Officers in turn each had a certain amount of soldiers, which essentially acted as hit points (i.e. Si Ma Ye leads 40000 men, and when he is hit by Zhang Bao, he loses 5000 men, so his manpower is now at 35000). One of the first games on the NES to attempt to simulate large scale combat between different forces, although obviously in a very limited way.

Retro Achievements

Huang Zhong and Wei YanHorse Trader Zhang Shi Ping in Lou Sang VillageTao Qian "The King"Mi ZheQing Zhou CastleChen DengMa Yuan YiDa Xing Shan - Mt. Great GainTie Men Xia - Iron Gate GorgeHan Zhong - Your First ConvertThe Hidden Cave (Easy)Chest in the Hidden Cave [Missable]The Pirate Force IFirst Hidden TreasureFirst Treasure ChestDong Zhuo the Good GuyFull Frontal Assault (Hard)Learn to Prepare for the Challenges (*=Strat.)Emperor's Challenge 1 - Team Chen vs. Team Zhang below lvl.7New Lord of Xu ZhouSun CeFan Shui Guan - Fan Shui Pass (Below lvl 8)Yang JinThe Golden Key CaveGuan PingHu Lao Guan - Tiger Cage Pass (Below level 9)Cao Cao on Our SideLuo Yang Castle - Original Team Liu Feng (Below lvl.10)Huo HuThe GemswordClub in Yang ZhouYang Zhou Castle (< lvl10)Chi Tu MaThe Brigand Force IYang Zhou CaveSpeak with Yuan ShaoThe Yellow ScarvesEmperor XianShu vs Jin (Any Formation and Strats. Use 2nd copy of saves.)Wang GuiFen Chou and Zhang JiChang An Castle - Lu Bu's RebellionEmperor's Final Challenge - Cao Family's RevengeTactics - Chi XinTactics - Ye HuoThe Bandit Force IZhao Yun's BarXia Hou vs. Si Ma FamilyZhou ChaoYuan CastleHuai Nan CastleChen CangMaster Shui JingNan Yang Treasure CaveNan Yang Castle (< LV.13)Sneak Attack and BetrayalSilver KeyHan Strategists' vs Si Ma FamilyTactics Tong XianTrident in Nanyang CastleLi Jue vs. Lu Guang at Bo Hai (<13 deathless)Save Xu Zhe (Dan Fu)Wei's Strongest vs JinZhou CangHan Dynasty vs Jin Dynasty (No save and resets)Save Zhao Yun's sisterBow in Wu Ling CastleZhao YunGuang Zong Castle (<16 Deathless)Sabre in Guang Zong CastleYuan Shang the Spy The Rebel Force IThe Bandit Force IIThe Great WallLord Han Xuan (<17 Deathless)The Song BrothersSword in Chang Sha CastleShu vs Yuan Shao (<17 Deathless   2 fortresses no rest)Hidden Bow in Ji Zhou CastleTactics Yin XianMagic Hermit in Ji ZhouSword in Gui Yang CastleEmperor's Challenge 5 - Cunning Zhao FanLing Ling CastlePang Tong (Don't change your team)Sword in Ling LingVisit Zhu Ge Liang Three Times (Don't change team)Ma Liang and Ma SuThe Brigand Force IIChin CastleLuo Feng Po - Fallen Phoenix Hill (<22)Fu Shui Castle (<24)Ma Chao and Ma Dai at Luo (<23)Tactics - Da ReSave Liu ZhangBattleax at LuoSi Ma Yi at Chen Liu Fortress (< lvl. 46)The Generals of the Jing ProvinceDefeat Si Mi Yi at Ru Nan (< Lvl.43)Guan Suo and Guan XingMa vs. Liu Zheng (<25 deathless do not save reset)Fa Zheng's Rebellion (<25)SwordsmithScimitar in Cheng DuLiu Bei in Cheng DuDragon and PhoenixJing Zhou vs. Wu at Ling Ling (<27)Re-enactment of Chi Bi at He FeiGang Ning and Lu SuScimitar in Jian An CastleThe Pirate Force IIThe BombOld Liu Zheng Generals at Wu Castle (<31)Hui Ji Fortress (<28 deathless)Scimitar in Hui JiZhou YuMoneyFoodTactics- Jin Xian2 Hidden ItemsLu MengTactics - Huo ShenHidden items of Wu CaveRising Stars of Wu at Po Yang and Jin DuTactics - Ce MianThe Pirate Quest (No strats.)The Three Defensive Lines at Jian YeJiang WeiShu vs. Wu (Jian Ye< lvl39 deathless)The Pirate Force IIThe Rebel Force IIHuang Zhong vs. Xia Hou Yuan (<40 Deathless)Ma Su's Resurgence Against Cao Zhen (<40 Deathless)The EndLu Bu's Final StruggleOf Dong ZhuoFully ReservedEmperor's Challenge 6 - Lu Brothers vs Ma Brothers (<23)Emperor's Challenge 2 - No Lu Bu (Below lvl11)Emperor's Challenge 3 - Shu Army Rush (Below lvl13)6 Legendary WeaponsOf Yuan ShuEmperor's Challenge 7 - Old Tigers vs. Sun Quan (<39 Deathless)Chang Shan - Mt. Ordinary (<15 Deathless)Emperor's Challenge 4 - Liang Brothers vs Jin XuanThe Wei Generals (After Cao Pi dies.)Of Yuan Shao100% ItemsThe Wu GeneralsEmperor's Challenge 8 - Yuan Shao's Last RevengeOf Liu Zhang

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