The Addams Family

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1992
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


The Addams Family is a platform game based on the characters and settings from the movie (which, in turn, is based on the famous 1960's television series, which in turn is based on Charles Addams cartoon of the same name, which was featured in the magazine, The New Yorker, in the 30's). The game takes place towards the end of the movie: the Addams Family has been evicted from their home by a court order issued by a backstabbing attorney (there's one for the books), Tully Alford. Even worse, the other Addamses: Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Granny and Lurch have gone missing. As Gomez, you must tour the Addams mansion in search of your lost family, battling out mysterious monsters and evading traps, and eventually face your nemesis, Tully.

Retro Achievements

The Money BoxRunnerGolferFezicopterSuper GomezThe Big PitSanta's TourThe Penny FallsSunken StairsThe 1-up roomPugsley's DenThe Plant PotThe Dark RoomThe Clock DropSolid HealthThe ClosetThe Bear's MouthThe Top ShelfA Secret PanelA Better ReadNow That's TastyThe Cookie JarMonster GardenSwordsmanThe Spring roomThe Toy BoxRack Them UpThe Money FunnelYour Rescue Attempt Has FailedHeart in the IcePugsleyGrannyFesterWednesdayHeart on top of the TreeHeart in the ConservatoryBested the Wacky ScientistBested the Ghastly GoblinBested the SnowmanBested the Fire DragonUnhappy AgainBested the WitchBested Old Tree BirdBested the CentipedesBested the Nasty JudgeMarathon Runner

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