The Black Bass II

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperAnother Ltd.
Release Date1989
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


In The Black Bass you are an angular in a Black Bass fishing tournament. In this tournament, you start out on Lake Amanda as a rating C class angular in 200th position. You must find a good position on the lake to fish as the size, type (fish types: Black Bass, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Pike), quantity of fish, and obstacles vary depending on were you are on the lake. Once you selected your ideal location, you cast out the lure using a power meter and as you slowly reel it back in. You must try to attract the interested fish by wiggling the lure in the water and if the fish grabs the lure you must reel the fish back in making sure that the line does not snap as well as avoiding any obstacles in the way. To help you have many lures to choose from (more been unlocked as you progress though the game) as well as a guide to tell you how good you currently selected location is. You have one day in game time to catch the biggest Black Bass you can find as at the end of the day the average weight of you caught Black Bass improves or reduces you rating as well overall position. Your rating determines how far you progress in the tournament unlocking new lakes (lakes: Lake Amada, Japan Lake, Lake More, San Lake).

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