The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout takes place as Bugs is invited to his 50th birthday. Because some of the other Warner Bros. toons weren't invited (including Wile E. Coyote), they decided to stop Bugs from going to this party. A Warner Bros licensed game, The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout is a 2d side-scrolling platform game. Bugs can jump over and on some enemies and try to collect as many carrots as possible. Bugs can use his hammer in order to smash enemies as well as to find some secrets.

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Crazy Carrot Collector 6Hammerin' Hare 3Defiantly Despicable 2Defiantly Despicable 3Hammerin' Hare 1Defiantly Despicable 5Hoppin' Hare 6Radiant Rabbit 1Radiant Rabbit 2Radiant Rabbit 3Radiant Rabbit 4No Time To WeightWackiki Wabbit 1Wackiki Wabbit 2Wackiki Wabbit 3An Aversion To Spikes 1An Aversion To Spikes 2Hoppin' Hare 5Hoppin' Hare 4Bunny Bonus - Unlucky Rabbit's FootBunny Bonus - SingleBunny Bonus - DoubleBunny Bonus - QuintupleWeasel WhomperWeasel WhalerWeasel WalloperHoppin' Hare 3Hoppin' Hare 2Hoppin' Hare 1I Came, I Taw, I Kicked Feathery Rump 1Crazy Carrot Collector 23Crazy Carrot Collector 22Crazy Carrot Collector 1Crazy Carrot Collector 2Crazy Carrot Collector 3Crazy Carrot Collector 4Crazy Carrot Collector 5Defiantly Despicable 1Crazy Carrot Collector 7Crazy Carrot Collector 8Crazy Carrot Collector 9Crazy Carrot Collector 10Crazy Carrot Collector 11Crazy Carrot Collector 12Crazy Carrot Collector 13Crazy Carrot Collector 14Crazy Carrot Collector 15Crazy Carrot Collector 16Crazy Carrot Collector 17Crazy Carrot Collector 18Crazy Carrot Collector 19Crazy Carrot Collector 20Crazy Carrot Collector 21Hammerin' Hare 2An Emergency For Numbered FeathersDefiantly Despicable 4Beyond A Super GeniusI Came, I Taw, I Kicked Feathery Rump 2Defiantly Despicable 6Dwat Dat Scwewy Wascally Wabbit 1Sufferin' Sylvester And SonI Came, I Taw, I Kicked Feathery Rump 3Mid-Game Life CrisisDwat Dat Scwewy Wascally Wabbit 2A Birthday To RememberDwat Dat Scwewy Wascally Wabbit 3Eleven Sylvesters WorthWeasel WreckerWeasel WasterWeasel WhipperSending The Devil Back Down UnderAerated Amour AddictRootinest Tootinest Shootinest VarmintWeasel LegendBirthday Blowout

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