The Duel : Test Drive II

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperDistinctive Software
Release Date1992
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


In the sequel to Test Drive, you can play against the time or the computer. Choose between a Ferrari F-40 and a Porsche 959, and take on your opponent, who is in the other car. There is also traffic to avoid. Each stage has a different setting, including forests and mountains, with a wide range of hazards to dodge. The game is designed to allow for scenario disks. To finish a stage, you must stop at the gas station by yourself, which allows you to refuel.

Retro Achievements

Medium Section 210 LivesAverage Driver!Medium Section 5Medium Section 4Medium Section 3Medium Section 1Smile!!!Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, Gimme that which I desire!Do You Know A Mechanic?Are You Blind?Get Your Traffic Ticket!Take Good Care Of Your Life!Easy Section 1Easy Section 2Easy Section 3Easy Section 4Too Easy!!!Hard Section 5Porsche Pilot!Lamborghini Pilot!Ferrari Pilot!Hardest Section 7Hardest Section 6Hard Section 1Hard Section 2Hard Section 3Hard Section 411 LivesHard Section 6Hardest Section 5Hardest Section 1Hardest Section 2Hardest Section 3Hardest Section 4Pro Driver!12 livesSuperb Driver!Perfect Drive!

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