The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Starring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the two plan to spend the day at the Circus only to find that it's deserted. Believing that someone is responsible, you must dress up in different outfits such as Safari and Western, as you try to find clues to solve the mystery behind the disappereance of the performers, including your pals Donald Duck and Pluto.

Retro Achievements

The Haunted HouseThe JungleThe Frozen PlainsBaron's CastleThe Return of The Baron Pete BoardMickey CoinsThe Return of the Fire JugglerIn the Heart of the CircusIn the Heart of the JungleIn the Heart of the HouseIn the Heart of the CavernIn the Heart of the IceIn the Heart of the Castle ShopIn the Heart of the CastleDefault Mickey Against Weasel... Again?Sunset RidersGhostbustersTwo Lives in the CircusTwo Lives in The JungleTwo Lives in Frozen PlainsGoodDefault Mickey Against DinosaurPoor Lion...The CavesDefault Mickey Against LionDefault Mickey Against TurtleDefault Mickey Against ApeDefault Mickey Against GhostDefault Mickey Against WeaselDrill ManGreatFire ManLion with a Bad HaircutKoopa TroopaCongo CaperBaron Pete Really has Several Clones, huh?2 Spooky 4 MeMouse with a Good HeartDinosaurs are Completely Extinct Now, Good Work!!Ice ManThe True Cloud ManMickey Coins MasterAll SettledSurvivor in the Haunted CircusSurvivor in the JungleSurvivor in the Haunted HouseSurvivor in the CavesSurvivor in the Frozen PlainsMickey CatExcellentDefeated for the Second Time!!All Settled HardSurvivor in the Baron's Castle

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