The Lion King

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperWestwood Studios
Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Young Simba just can't wait to be king. His father is the current King of the Savannah and the young prince is able to frolic the lands at will; jumping on and around other subjects of this animal kingdom. When Simba's father, King Mufasa, is killed and his evil brother Scar takes over the kingdom, Simba is banished from the lands of his birthright and has to grow up fast, honing his skills, for the day of his return. The Lion King, based on the famous Disney movie, is a platform game where you control Simba - initially as a young cub, and later as an adult lion. The plot of the game follows the plot of the movie. Each of the levels represents a part of the movie. As young Simba, you can fight various beasts, such as lizards, by jumping on them. You can also roar to scare some creatures into submission, though every time you roar, you have to wait for your "roar meter" to charge. As an adult lion, you can still roar and jump, but now you fight enemies by slashing at them with your claws (if you're skillful enough, you can also grab them and toss them off the screen). The game features no in-game save function, and it needs to be replayed from the beginning every time.

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The PridelandsAll ends wellRare InsectBeetle HPFearlessLong live to the KingTired HyenaEater Of InsectsSimba's  Return Pride Rock Little KingGolden LionMoving with styleThe Elephant Graveyard The StampedeSimba's Exile Party in the ForestSinging and JumpingFaster, Faster... ( Normal)Crazy MeerkatSimba's Destiny Endless LaughsGet ReadyOutside the DomainsThe Honor Of a KingThe Great King is backFaster, Faster.... ( Difficult)Looking for AnswersHakuna Matata Can't wait to be King The sad end of MufasaThis Place is CreepyAdrenaline in the volcanoSlimy yet satisfyingThe Lion King

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