Time Lord

Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherMilton Bradley
Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


In this game you play the role of a time lord who has to travel through time in order to stop time travelling aliens from changing the earths history. The Game play involves you fighting off aliens who are dressed like the people from the various time period that you are in. The weapons at your disposal vary depending on what point in time you are in. In order to travel to another time zone you must find 5 orbs which are carefully hidden around each level and require some puzzle solving and platform jumping to get to. Time in this game runs by very fast and you inly have until the year 3000 to complete the game otherwise the world will be blown up.

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Now THIS Is a Crocodile DentistThe Milton Bradley Time Travel Research CentreCastle Harman 1250 ADThe Last King of England, February 6thDead Man's Gulch 1860 ADRemembering a Space Shuttle, January 28thTwister! The Hot Spot!Don't Break the IceYou'll Get Caught Up in the Crossfire!Space CrusadeOPERATION, I'm the Doctor For YouHit the Beach RunningPretty Pretty PrincessStorming the Enchanted PalaceA Fistful of Easy MoneyScatter-GoryPirate and the TravelerLet's Start This Party With a BANG!Easy As CandyLandRemember the Alamo, March 6thGame of SimonFront Line Trenches in France 1943The Restless GunHungry Hungry HipposThe Dora Marie 1650Fall of the House of JengaYou Sunk My Battleship!Privileges and Prerogatives Granted to ColumbusEscape from JumanjiTime Travel Station USA 2999Saving Private Time Lord, June 6thAxis and AlliesGo To The Head of the ClassPerfectionThe Game of Life

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