Tiny Toon Adventures : Acme All-Stars

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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Release Date1993
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


Tiny Toon Adventures: Acme All-Stars features all the usual characters from the Tiny Toon Adventures animated series. There are several different game options. The main two games are Soccer and Basketball. Both of these options allow you to pick your own team of 4 characters and to choose their playing positions. You can then pick from 5 different sporting arenas. Play against the CPU or against a friend. The Story Mode sees a predetermined team competing at several different events at the Acme Looniversity Tournament. Finally there are three smaller games to play: Obstacle Course, 10 Pin Bowling, and Montana Hitting (like the "hit the pop up monsters with a hammer" machines that you see in amusement arcades).

Retro Achievements

Oh, Are We Gonna Start Counting Now?Acme LooniversityTake a Break!We've Got Balls!I Just Can't Help Myself!I Believe I Can FlyTooned InBask(etball) In GloryAsk Me if I CareLittle LooneyJerky TurkeyPower Over FinesseAn Age Old FableLet the Show BeginSoc(cer) It To 'EmMontana's ChallengeMichael's Secret StuffSufferin' SuccotashI Could Have Been A ContenderMine, Mine, Mine! It's All Mine!Anyone for Tennis?Oh Brother!Meep, MeepYou Better Believe It!Slow and SteadyPublic Service AnnouncementAin't I WickedYou Can't Do This to Me! I'm Rich!Big LooneyLook At Our FacilitiesI Can't Stand Pain, It Hurts Me!Ask and Ye Shall ReceiveQuit Gabbin'!And That's A WrapAww, It Was Nothin'Don't Try This At Home, KidsHoley Puddy-Tat!The, The, The, PooThat's All, Folks

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