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Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperSquare Enix
PublisherAcclaim Entertainment
Release Date1987
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Somewhere in a place known as Solar System #517, the evil Grax and his horde of Serpentbeasts are terrorizing the people of the eight worlds. A hero is needed who can run and jump. Jump between worlds, in fact. That hero is the WorldRunner. 3-D WorldRunner is a 3rd person game, behind the player, moving "forwards" towards the screen and away from you. Your only skill is the ability to jump. Jump over holes, enemies and on top of columns. Bonus items are found in the air, on top of columns and laying on the ground. Additionally the game is viewable in 3-D with a pair of 3-D glasses (included in the original box).

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Cane Towers  and GreensBean Flowers and Flute VasesSeaweed and Bubbled Grape JuiceRocketPotionAtomic PowerStars!Some More Stars!Steady Run Beginner TestVulcanos and Zero Gravity UrchinsBrussel Sprouts and Pink Naval MinesChandelier Prisms and Cookie StarsSteady Run in World 1Even More Stars!TheRunner ScoreTitlted Waterfalls and Stale PancakesSteady Run in World 5The EndSteady Run in World 2Steady Run in World 3Steady Run in World 4One Cat Without a LifeAll Stars!Marathoner ScoreSteady Run in World 6Steady Run in World 7Steady Run in World 8Better Put On Your 3D GlassesSquare Says...Atomic Runner

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