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Game Todd McFarlane's Spawn : The Video Game

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherAcclaim Entertainment
Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Many kids have been kidnapped and only Spawn can save them.

But it's not an easy job, a guy with an unknown name has hired a bunch of thugs to bring you down. But this fella with an unknown name, didn't know you can fight.... Maybe you still have a chance to save the kids and slaughter that fella with an unknown name if you use Spawn's fist, feet and psychic powers...

Retro Achievements

Life Hurts a lot More Than DeathAll My Soul Within Me Burning...Darkness Is Your CandleEveryone Has An Evil SideDark, Death and EvilRunning to Meet DeathThe Death ShortcutNever Ending ShowThe Pain Was Always FreeOne-Man Wrecking CrewThe Reincarnation of Anti-SpawnYou're Dead. D-E-D. DeadFrom a Little Spark May Burst a FlameIt's Gonna Kill me in my DreamsThe Evil Betray YouNever Trust a DemonYou Scream Like a Girl. Do it Like ThisLet This Hell be Our Heaven8th Sphere of HellGoodbye SanitySpawn? Yeah, as in Hellspawn. I Say Destroy the Cosmos, Ask Questions LaterLife is Only a Dream for the DeadYou Can't find a Place to GoI Feel... So LostBe Brave. We'll Die TogetherYou Cannot Run from WeaknessDie, Die, Die, my DarlingNow, I'm Become Death, the Destroyer of WorldsThe Worst Nightmare Ever

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