ToeJam & Earl

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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Release Date1992
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


Toejam and Earl are two hip aliens from the planet Funkotron. One day, they are cruisin' their galaxy in the sweet spaceship ride. Unfortunately, Earl wasn't paying enough attention to where he was driving, and ran the ship into an asteroid. The ship crash landed onto the most bizarre planet in the galaxy: Earth. Toejam and Earl must travel from level to level on Earth and collect the 10 scattered pieces of the ship. But the various Earthlings, such as Nerd Herds, Giant Hamsters, Phantom Ice Cream Trucks and the Bogeyman will make that difficult. The power up items that TJ and E can pick up come in the form of wrapped presents. You never really know what a power up is until you open it. What's more, randomized levels and item locations make it a different game every time. The game features a dynamic screen splitting - screen joining 2-player mode. Players start the game close to each other. If one gets away from the other, the screen vertically splits to allow each player to move freely. When players are close again, the screens join together to become one single screen.

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Destination Zero5th Floor15th Floor20th Floor25th FloorRigHtEoUS RAPMAStER CAPSULERoCKEtSHiP WiNdSHiELdRigHt MEgaWatt SPEAKERLEFt MEgAWAtt SPEAKERHyPERFUNK tHRUStERAMPLAMAtoR CoNNECToR FiNSUPER FUNKoMAtiC AMPLAMAtoRFoRWARd StABiLiZiNg UNitREAR LEgAWESoME SNoWBoARddUFUSPoiNdextERPEANUtdudEBRoHoMEyRAPMAStERFunK LorDThere's a Mole Among UsHamster AssassinE.T.J. Phone HomeGoin' PostalTreasure Island10th FloorCash Rules Every Thing Around MeLove Sick AliensNot BadYUMMM!WOW!!Banish the WahiniA World without Evil?Hallelujah!Till the Fat Lady SingsSanta, Is That You?Explore FunkotronSaved by the CarrotDisaster AvertedC.R.E.A.M. Get the MoneyDangerous DeliveryKill or Bee KilledThe Nightmare is OverPoultry Poppin'Shop 'til You PopYou've Ruined the Surprise!What a LifePimple PopperKill or Be DrilledMow Him DownPhantom of thee I ScreamSo Many PointsReturn to Funkotron

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