Toki no Keishousha : Phantasy Star III

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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Release Date1989
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


A long time ago, a great war between Orakio and Laya devastated the planet. 1000 years later, a young Orakian prince named Rhys decides to marry the beautiful Maya, his heart's chosen one. But during the marriage ceremony, a strange creature appears and kidnaps the bride. Were those the legendary Layans who kidnapped the princess? Whatever the answer might be, Rhys has to find it out on his own. He must find his beloved one... This game takes us back to a medieval setting. The battle system is similar to that of its predecessor Phantasy Star II: you can perform simple attacks and special techniques, which require TP (technique points), in a turn-based combat with random enemy encounters.

Retro Achievements

WrathchildI'm Not A Lyan's People!Treasure of Island CaveI'm Programmed To Serve YouThe Prince and Cold WeatherA Duel Between PrincesPurple MoonPrincess of DahliaOrakians Never Let Me Sleep...AquaWernThe Key To The Eastern WorldImprisoned MaidenWarrior Princess Dragon Knight of ShusoranThe Connection of EverythingAeroWrenWelcome Aboard!A New View On ThingsThe Leader of RebelsMystery StarTruth Be ToldAlisa IIIWe Need A ShipNew Allies of Neo PalmThe Love Can Stop The WarClash On DahliaIt Was Written In The StarsNo More Quests For You! Blessed Marriage1,000 Years To Revenge Dynastic UnionAwakening of PowerRest in Peace MiunRegrets And ConsequencesThe Power of NeiKing of FrigidiaFree From The DarknessThumbs UpDescendant of The Most Powerful WarriorsI've Waited 1,000 Years For YouThe Strongest of All GenerationsCastle CleaningTreasure Hunter of Landen Treasure Hunter of ElysiumTreasure Hunter of AridiaTreasure Hunter of FrigidiaTreasure Hunter of AquaticaTreasure Hunter of DraconiaThe Brightest StarPaladin of DahliaI Always Loved YouGreetings from Planet EarthOriginal CourseFace to Face with DarknessI Don't Fear The Darkness

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