Tom and Jerry

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperHi-Tech Expressions
Release Date1993
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Based on MGM's world-known cartoon, the player controls Jerry, the Mouse (in 2-Player Mode, P2 will control Jerry's nephew, Tuffy) as he explores four different worlds (movie theater, junkyard, a toy-based stage and the house inner). Game controls are simple: B Button makes Jerry/Tuffy to jump (tapping it again lightly upon landing will activate their Super Jumps), while A/Y/X Buttons will make them to throw marbles upward (Y Button) and downward (X/Y Buttons) in the enemies. To earn extra lives throughout the game, players have two available options: the rarest and, sometimes, hardest way is to find a 1-Up icon; however, the easiest mode is to collect 100 of small balls of cheese scattered throughout the levels (Cheese Bits). Also, Jerry and Tuffy's health meters are displayed in the form of four hearts, that can be replenished through collectible larger cheese wedges (Cheese Chunks). At the end of each world, Jerry and Tuffy will take a confrontation with Tom, the Cat.

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LegosCheese BitsThe ProjectorsBackstage PassThe Old ShoeThe Apple CoreThe FishboneWind-up ToysThe MarqueeBouncy BallsThe KitchenThe Living RoomThe MouseholeLike A RatPeasThe Marquee PerfectSpeed Gonzales?The Projectors CheeseSneak RatThe Old Shoe CheeseGood Luck Next Time TomThe Fishbone CheeseThe Apple Core CheeseLegos CheeseWind-up Toys CheeseThe Mousehole CheeseMore Lives Than A CatFlawless VictoryBouncy Balls CheeseThe Living Room CheeseThe Kitchen CheeseSk8 ProA Rat That Nobody Can Cat

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