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Game Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Game Boy Advance
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DeveloperVicarious Visions
Release Date2004
PlatformGame Boy Advance


Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is based on the console games of the same name. Like the previous GBA releases of the series, it's an isometric representation of the console levels combined with polygonal characters. It contains both a story mode, in which you create a rookie skater and take him or her on a world tour with pros to improve their skills and win prizes; and a classic mode, in which you must accomplish various goals such as tricking off objects or getting a high score within two minutes. Changes in this iteration include removing the timer from most goals in story mode, allowing you to have several active at once and new moves like the nata spin, tantrum, which allows you to recover from a bail without losing everything, focus, where you can slow time in order to land the best trick and sticker-slapping.

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