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Game Top Gear GT Championship

Game Boy Advance
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DeveloperVision Works
Release Date2001
PlatformGame Boy Advance


Top Gear GT Championship carries the official Japanese GT title and lets players race fast cars on different GT tracks. The game features two main game modes: quick race and championship. In quick race, players can alone, against another human player or create custom courses for the game. This is further divided into versus games against the computer and time attack. The game can also connect through mobile phones to check global rankings, enter local ranking entries, and download ghosts and new courses.

In the championship mode, players need to complete the courses in a fixed order while a ranking is kept. The cars are shown from a third-person perspective and there are different AI-controlled racers to beat. Prior to the races, players can do free runs, qualify and eventually start the race or tune the car further. There are two weather types, sunny and rainy, which affects the handling of the cars.

There are different cars and courses to choose from, with extensive tuning options based on the gear ratio, steering, brakes, tires, aerodynamic settings and the height handicap. There are also three difficulty levels.

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