Town & Country Surf Designs : Wood & Water Rage

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperLJN Toys, Ltd.
PublisherLJN Toys, Ltd.
Release Date1988
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


T&C Surf Designs features both skateboarding and surfing games. The skating section (called Street Skate Session) is a side scrolling action game where you need to navigate through an obstacle course within the given time limit. Ideally you want to earn as many points as possible by performing tricks, jumping over items, and collecting bonuses. If you crash too many times (or fall into a hole, run out of time, etc...) then the game will be over. In the surfing section (called Big Wave Encounter) you need to surf a giant wave all the way to the beach. As with skating, you can earn points by performing tricks and collecting bonuses; likewise the game ends if you crash too many times. You can choose to play either game individually, or alternate between the two (the Wood & Water Rage option). You can select several T&C Surf Designs characters to play as, including Thrilla Gorilla, Kool Kat, Joe Cool, and Tiki Man.

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Street Skate 8 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 2Street Skate 4Street Skate 5Street Skate 6Street Skate 7Street Skate 8Street Skate 9Street Skate 10Street Skate 11Street Skate 12Street Skate 13Street Skate 14Big Wave 4Street Skate 1 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 2 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 3 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 4 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 5 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 6 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 7 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 3Street Skate 9 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 10 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 11 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 12 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 13 - Perfect moves!Big Wave 3Big Wave 2Hi ScoreStopped Time!Time Out!Street Skate 14 - Perfect moves!Street Skate 15Big Wave 5100kStreet Skate - Challenge 1Street Skate - Challenge 2200k300kStreet Skate - Challenge 3Street Skate 30 - Professional500k

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