Trolls on Treasure Island

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperAmerican Video Entertainment
PublisherAmerican Video Entertainment
Release Date1993
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Samantha and Norbert, two teenage troll twins, were windsurfing one day and came upon an undiscovered and uncharted island. They recalled that once long ago their grandfather had told them of an island that contained lost treasures. So the twin trolls decide to explore the island to see if they can obtain these treasures. Trolls on Treasure Island involves the same type of gameplay found in Dudes with Attitude. In this puzzle game, the player controls one of the trolls as they bounce back and forth across the screen trying to acquire the jewels on the playfield. The one caveat is that the players troll has to match the color of the jewel he or she is trying to collect. To become the correct color to snatch up the jewels, the player has to bounce across a paint can that will change your trolls hair to that of the same color as the paint can. The object in each puzzle is to retrieve all the treasures in a room without their character falling prey to the various enemies in rooms or running out of time. The game offers 32 levels to navigate through and the player is also able to create their own level with the custom level editor. This is an unlicensed NES game.

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