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Game Uniracers

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperDMA Design
Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


What do you get if you cross Sonic the Hedgehog with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater?

It might seem an odd combination, but it describes Uniracers perfectly. One of the more successful releases of the Super Nintendo's twilight era, Uniracers mixes platform-based high-speed racing, with crazy stunts and tricks.

The basic idea in most levels of the game is simple. Get your unicycle from A to B as quickly as possible, and finish ahead of your opponent. It's like Sonic, but with none of those pesky enemies, pointless power-ups and frustrating obstructions. In fact it doesn't sound like much of a game at all...

Here's the key, though. Tricks performed and landed during the race increase your speed. The better the trick, the greater your increase in speed will be.

Also, some levels are set in areas designed solely for stunts. Such levels require you to earn as many style points as possible, by doing tricks. These levels are against the clock, and a set points score, rather than an opponent.

Unicycles are stupid and difficult, and yet fun, once you get the hang of them. Much the same could be said about Uniracers...

Retro Achievements

Going at a Snails PaceFlipping greatKeep on rollingLet's twist againZ listerYou just aren't cool enough for this gameComing out of your shellFly past the Sonic wannabeParticipation MedalBronze GodMake the Frog hopping madBeating the Hare like the TortoiseStarting on the Road to VictoryFarmer's TanHonorable Mention MedalKnocked out in the third round of racesThe Coyote finally takes the victorySilver-Plated TinSterling SilverOn the way to the topBeat the Cheetah at its own gameTwist and roll x 30 Help start the new crazeOpen the door, get on the floor. Everybody beat the dinosaurStunt Master

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