Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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DeveloperBlueSky Software, Inc.
PublisherBlue Sky Software - Sega
Release Date1995
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


In 2049, the human population of Earth embarks on a migratory voyage to try to colonize other planets. They leave mechanical "orbots" to clean up the mess they made on Earth through littering and pollution. Raster, a high-level orbot who watches Earth through a planetwide computer network, is accidentally attached to a working nuclear missile by a lesser orbot and goes insane, becoming an evil dictator named Warhead. He declares himself ruler of Earth, and begins preparing to execute any humans who dare return to their planet. Enter Vectorman, a humble robot in charge of cleaning up toxic sludge by simply discharging it into the sun. As he lands on Earth after his last trip, he finds chaos and confusion. Because all the other Orbots are controlled by Warhead (Vectorman having not been affected because he was away), Vectorman takes it upon himself to destroy the errant orbot and restore peace to Earth.

Retro Achievements

I Hate TV - BoloFinished TerraportFinished Tidal SurgeCALL A CABFinished Arctic RidgeDRACULAFinished Rock and RollerFinished Death AlleyABRACADABRAFinished SuperstructureFinished Stayin' AliveFinished NightscapeFinished Dark RuinsWarp 5Missile MorphParachute MorphBuggy MorphJet MorphFish MorphBomb MorphDrill MorphNucleus Shield CollectorOrb CollectorI Hate TV - RapidfireI Hate TV - WaveFinished MetalheadVectorCatSalvage KingNo Radar 4No Radar 3Boss 6 DamagelessBoss 4 DamagelessBoss 1 DamagelessNo Radar 2No Radar 1Finished Worldlink CenterFinished Absolute ZeroFinished Bamboo MillFinished Hidroponic LabFinished Underground VaultWarp 10Photon CollectorLife OrbsFinished Twist and ShoutBoss 9 DamagelessRage Against the TVsFinal Boss DamagelessBoss 14 DamagelessPerfect BonusInsane Vector

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