Wizardry V : Heart of the Maelstrom

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1993
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Despite the defeat of Trebor, Werdna, and L'kbreth, dark times once again threaten the kingdom of Llylgamyn. So once again a party of adventurers must venture forth to vanquish the evil. Wizardry V represents a complete revision of the gaming system used in the first four installments, with larger mazes, new spells and character classes, and an expanded system for combatting and interacting with creatures. It is also the first game in the series that allows, but does not require characters imported from a previous scenario.

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Vampire SlayerBring the PainStomp the StomperFelling the FiendAnneyehilateYoginatorDefeating the DarknessNether RegionsProps from the DevsCongratulations!Ashes to AshesFanning the FlamePlunging the Depths 5Cold BloodedEuphamisms Anyone?CorruptionSalvationRoninDevil SummonerOdinsonBlade of LegendFury of the WoodAll Clad in GoldThe Journey Begins!Plunging the Depths 4Plunging the Depths 3Disturbing the Dead 2Gold DismemberA Chilling VictoryProving Your WorthGhost BustingRock CrusherHurkle HurkleA Shady EstablishmentDisturbing the Dead 1Wishes Do Come TrueFill My CupDrinking BuddiesGouge the GuardianPlunging the Depths 1Deserved DemiseBlown AwayPlunging the Depths 2Making a WithdrawlEnjoy the ShowUntouchableIroncladLick the LoonWay of the NinjaBushido CodeLordly LaurelsClub the ClubLo RiderSnipe the SnatchSplay the SpadeDestroy the DiamondHarm the HeartCooking the KettleScorn the SORNMaster of MagicLa La Be Slain

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