Wonder Boy V : Monster World III

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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Release Date1991
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


"Monster World was once a peaceful region. Then, the peace was shattered by an invading army of monsters. A young man named Shion vowed to defeat them and make his land peaceful again." Wonder Boy In Monster World puts you in control of Shion in his quest to save Monster World from the evil hands of BioMeka. It controls like your standard platform game - run, jump, and kill enemies. The game is filled with RPG elements such as talking to townsfolk, collecting money to buy items, upgrading your life, and equipping a variety of armor and weapons - staying very close to the "Zelda format". You can save your game to continue your quest at a later time. Wonder Boy In Monster World is the third game in the Monster World spin-off series. In Japan the game is called Wonder Boy 5: Monster World 3.

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Getting StrongerHot StartAmuletIt's raining goldSpear-tacularRescued HottaLilypad, the dwarf villageBulletproofLink InspirerWe have to go backNeptune?ShockingShakin all overKnight DefeatedMyconid DefeatedBegonia, the dragon villageBraceletChildam, the Darkworld villageAcquire OcarinaShrinking...WONDER BOY SMASHMeet the QueenWelcome to Monster WorldRacking UpPurapril, the Aqua CapitalGold HoarderINNBank robberyWhere?What place?Which location?At... ?Defeat Gragg and GlaggBlack MarketChill OutHave all BootsHave all ShieldsHave all ArmorsHave all WeaponsSo charming...Smaller problems...Defeat Tyrant DragonDefeat Ice BomberGraduatedMore toys to play withAll In Your HeartDefeat the Almighty Demon KingChase power, not moneyGood night, brave warrior. Good night, Monster Land

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