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Game Worms Armageddon

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PublisherInfogrames North America
Release Date1998
PlatformGame Boy Color


The final sequel (at least using the present engine) to the strategy game Worms, Worms Armageddon expands on Worms 2 by improving quite a few facets of gameplay and including play over the Internet through Team 17's WORMNET.

For those who've never played Worms, it's at heart similar to the old game Artillery, which you control an artillery piece. In essence, you give it a shot angle and shot power, and try to hit your enemy, despite wind effects and the enemy firing back at you. Worms puts you in command of a team of Worms, but not only can you move around the landscape, you can use many types of weapons to try to dispatch the enemy, from bazookas to mini-guns to exploding sheep.

Everything is presented in a humorous cartoonish style, from the landscapes to the worms themselves and their cries of triumph or despair, depending on how you do.

Armageddon uses an enhanced version of the Worms 2 engine, and while an improvement over Worms 2, it's not a huge change.

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