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Game X-Men: Wolverine's Rage

Game Boy Color
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DeveloperDigital Eclipse
Release Date2019
PlatformGame Boy Color


Wolverine goes it alone in this action platform title, where you take control of the most famous of the X-Men, and hack and slash your way through 20 levels of enemies and bosses.

There are 4 main things that Wolvie can achieve:

1) Hack and slash with his claws (the main attack)

2) Jump (very important to get through levels)

3) Heal (stay still, and he will heal a little at a time. Just be careful, each level has a limited amount of time to complete, so don't stand around too much)

and 4) If you press the attack button (see (1)) several times in a row, Wolvie will go off in a rage. Although hard to control in this state, his attack range improves. He also loses a little health every time)

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