Yoshi no Cookie

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperBullet Proof Software
Release Date1993
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Yoshi's Cookie is a fast-paced puzzle game that can be enjoyed by everyone as it is easy to play, but challenging to complete. To play, you move the randomly placed cookies into rows and columns of cookies with similar patterns. When you successfully assemble a row or column of the same cookies, the line will disappear, and you can begin on a new row or column. The "Yoshi" cookie is very special in both the 1-player and the 2-player game. Since the Yoshi Cookie is the key to both games, you must use it wisely.

Retro Achievements

Cookie is Love, Cookie is Life (Low)Maybe Just a Nibble... (Low)Curtain Call (Low)Maybe Just a Bite... (Low)Maybe Just a Bite... (Med)Yoshi!Maybe Just One More... (Low)Maybe Just One More... (Med)Beginner ChainerMaybe Just Another Box... (Low)Maybe Just Another Box... (Med)Cookie Clicker (Med)Maybe Just Another Case... (Low)Maybe Just Another Case... (Med)Cookie Clicker (Low)Addicted to Cookies (Low)Addicted to Cookies (Med)Cookie Worshipper (Med)Cookie Junkie (Low)Cookie Junkie (Med)Cookie Worshipper (Low)Maybe Just a Nibble... (Med)Cookie is Love, Cookie is Life (Med)Risky ClearCookie is Love, Cookie is Life (High)Addicted to Cookies (High)Cookie Worshipper (High)Maybe Just Another Case... (High)Maybe Just Another Box... (High)Cookie Clicker (High)Curtain Call (Med)Maybe Just a Nibble... (High)These Aren't Cookies!Cookie Junkie (High)Maybe Just One More... (High)Adept ChainerMaybe Just a Bite... (High)Curtain Call (High)Expert ChainerYoshi's Cookie ExpertCookie SpecialistYoshi's Cookie MasterYoshi's Cookie Grandmaster

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