Ys II : Ancient Ys Vanished, The Final Chapter

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperNihon Falcom
PublisherMarvelous Interactive
Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


This is the second game in the long-running Ys action RPG series. A bright light shot up from Dahm Tower in the end of the first game, and our hero Adol Christian is awakened by a young girl who finds him lying on the ground. She introduces herself as Lilia and tells Adol he is in the land of Ys. Finally he was able to establish a connection between his world and this mysterious land! But finding the gateway to Ys is not enough: Adol must stop the evil entity that his archenemy Dark Fact served. And his foes already know where he is... This game is a direct sequel to what PC players know as Ancient Land of Ys (of which the original NES version was simply called Ys), and is also the same game (story-wise) as the second part of Ys: Book I & II for TurboGrafx CD. The gameplay utilizes an unusual action RPG combat style, where you don't press any attack button, but run into your enemies in order to cause damage. You should choose the angles and the measure of contact with the enemy carefully, otherwise you'll be dead. You can (and should) level up, perform quests for village people, gather money, and upgrade your weapons and inventory, like in any other RPG.

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