Zero Wing

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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Release Date1992
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


Zero Wing is an horizontal shooter game where the player is in control of a ZIG, an escape pod released after its main ship was attacked and destroyed by the evil cyborg CATS, bent on taking over the world. Like most games in the genre, there are three color-coded weapons: red (scatter), green (homing) and blue (lasers). Each weapon has three levels of power, and to obtain those, similar upgrades must be collected sequentially. However, what makes the game unique is the ability to use a traction beam to trap an enemy and then throw him against his peers, destroying them. The game (or the European PAL version) is best known for being the origin of the infamous "All Your Base" 2001 Internet meme.

Retro Achievements

All your base are belong to usWe get signalMain screen turn onYou are on the way to destructionYou have no chance to survive make your timeSomebody set up us the bombWar was beginningMax Valcan UnitHigh Score 1Cat ZigMax Homing UnitClear Legrous On Hard DifficultyClear Pleades On Hard DifficultyClear Aquese On Hard DifficultyClear Submarine Tunnel On Hard DifficultyClear Barricade Zone On Hard DifficultyYou know what you doingFor great justiceMax Laser UnitClear Natols On Hard DifficultyHigh Score 2Clear Gerbarra On Hard DifficultyUltra PowerClear Bellon On Hard DifficultyMastered Submarine TunnelMastered BellonMastered GerbarraMastered AqueseMastered Barracade ZoneMastered LegrousMastered NatolsMastered PleadesFor great justice 2All our base are belong to us again

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