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Game Zoda's Revenge : StarTropics II

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


You are Mike Jones, the main character in the game. One day at Dr. Jones' office, the Oxford Wonder Word is opened and while saying the magic words; a time rift opens up and you fall in. This game is a journey through time and space, going through 8 different time shifts, and meeting some of the historical figures from the past. Your mission is to get the mystical tetrads that are located in these time periods. You run into the alien creature Zoda who is out to steal and destroy the tetrads.

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Better Than NothingThrowerJust Like LinkSnake CharmerThat Does NOT Look Like a BallReal GoldNot the Traditional WeaponJust Like MarioA Caveman WeaponJack of All TradesSharp EdgeSlowest Pizza Delivery EverWhat Do These Do?Psychic PowerNot Quite a Gold NuggetSuper Psychic Shock WaveNow We Got a SwordTriple the FunLost in the Tall GrassDown the SewersThe Mystery of the TetradHeart of GoldHeart on the Lone IslandUltra Psychic Shock WaveYour First TetradEgyptian TetrisTetrad in a WesternWatch Out for Pits!House of the UndeadThe Middle AgesC-Island is Normal Again!

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