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EmuBox Community Page

About EmuBox Community Page

We generated many small tasks (maybe in the future, tasks will be added as well) and if you are interested in this project, you can help us do what we don’t have enough hands for now :).

How does it work and where to start?

• First of all, you need to log in. "Sign in" button on the top right. • We click on one of the cards, the server issues a random task. • If you are interested in this task, click "Get this task", or click the "Next" button to select another task. • Doing this task 😎 • When finished, click the "Submit" button If the task passes moderation, then for the completed task you will receive a certain number of dev-points.

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Any ideas?

If you have any ideas that need to be implemented in this project? Or have you found a bug? Or talk to no one 😀? write to us by e-mail emubox.station@gmail.com