Flashback : The Quest for Identity

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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РазработчикU.S. Gold
Количество игроков1
ИздательDelphine Software International
Дата выхода1993
ПлатформаSega Mega Drive / Genesis
Количество ROM'ов4
Поддерживаемые языкиНеизвестно


Flashback : The Quest for Identity - Игра разработанная U.S. Gold в 1993 году для консоли Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. Есть поддержка только одиночной игры. На нашем сайте имеется 4 ROM'ов для данной игры. Игроки оценили игру крайне положительно. Planet Titan: Brave mutants, robots, anti-matter fields and the primitive inhabitants as you find your way through the jungle. New Washington: First recover your memory, then go undercover to earn money. Finally, buy a false ID if you want to sneak back on Earth. Death Tower: Climb the 8 floors of the Death Tower labyrinth. Avoid the deadly Replicants and win a free ticket to Earth. Earth: Big trouble! The authorities have discovered your false ID and send robot cops to capture you. Paradise Club: You discovered the aliens' plans, but somehow end up being captured and mysteriously transported through space. Planet Morphs: You materialized on their home planet. Now all you have to do is destroy the Morphs and live to tell about it!

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The first time but not the last!Those things are dangerous for sure!Some explanationsAtomic charge?! Count me in!It's not a real one at leastWhat's this?I'm taking this back!Enjoy the rideThe key to the Death TowerThe fifth missionThe fourth missionThe third missionThe second missionThe first missionWatch your step!The DisintegratorThe wrong missionThe sacrificeClose callI didn't need all that timeGet back some of your memoriesThe administration...The magnetic bridgeThe good guyI hope this thing workGet back your full memoryThe most useful thingIt's time...I'm lost!New WashingtonPlanet TitanDeath TowerEarthThe Secret Base of "Paradise"Death Tower (Expert)New Washington (Expert)The Planet of Morphs (second part)The Planet of Morphs (first part)Earth (Expert)The Secret Base of "Paradise" (Expert)Planet Titan (Expert)The Planet of Morphs (first part) (Expert)The Planet of Morphs (second part) (Expert)

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